Hunting For a Place to Live in Sydney While Attending College Just Got Easier!

Looking for somewhere to stay while you attend school in Sydney? You’re really not the only one. People come from all over the world to attend Sydney’s top colleges and universities. They offer an extreme amount of value for the money and the people that you will be going to class with come from all over the country, which means that there’s plenty of chances to mingle and get to know everyone. It is truly the experiences that we build in college thatRead More

School Uniform

Uniform is something that many schools have. Most secondary schools have a uniform and they can insist that pupils wear it. Secondary schools cannot insist that children wear a uniform although many of them do have one and ask that it be worn. The school uniform is a way of helping the child to fit in an feel part of the group. It has also been found that it helps the discipline in the school if there is a uniform. There is alsoRead More

Preparing Your Child For School

Whatever you felt about school when you went, the best thing for your child is to be positive about it. Tell them the things you liked about school and explain to them what it will be like. It is a good idea to borrow books form the library about starting school and talk it over with them. The more you talk about it, the better it will be for them because they will know a lot about what to expect. Things that willRead More

Dealing With Bullying

Many schools have good bullying campaigns now. Everyone is aware of the fact that bullying is not nice and no child should have to put up with it. However, it does still go on and so it is important to make sure that your child can deal with it. The victims of bullying tend to have low self esteem. Because they do not think much of themselves, when someone picks on them, they feel even worse. If they could just laugh it off,Read More

Religion in School

Religion is something which many people feel very strongly about. Some parents may put their children in a school associated with a certain religion or denomination, because they want to make sure that their child shares their views. Other parents are not so strongly minded about religion and others have no religious beliefs at all. Schools nowadays have to teach religion but with a more encompassing perspective. The do not just teach Christianity but other religions as well. This means that it isRead More

Changing Schools

If your child has to change schools, perhaps because you have moved house or have decided you want them to go tow hat you consider is a better school, then it can have an effect on that child. Some children will mix in to the new school easily and make friends quickly, but others will find the change more difficult. It is important to help the child to fit in to the new school as quickly as possible. Give them as much informationRead More

How to Help Your Child With Homework

Homework is something which is meant to be done by the child and not their parents. It is important that parents do provide guidance though as this can make a big difference. In primary school, homework will be easy and at a level that parents can do. It is tempting to do it for them, but it is important to make sure that you do not. The teacher will know that you have done it and they will not gain anything from youRead More

Preparing For Exams

Examinations are part of school life and children will have to do them every year until they leave school. Some children do very well and others find them difficult. However, they are something that will need to be mastered if good qualifications are wanted. It is important to start learning about revision techniques from the first test that you have. Think about different ways of learning the information and which seems to work the best. There are books that you can buy aboutRead More

Extra Curricular Activities

It is often said that it is very important for your child to do lots of extra curricular activities. These things are aid to build confidence and to help them to make friends more easily. In primary school it is important to get a good balance. Although after school clubs can be a lot of fun for the children, it is important to make sure that they do not take on too much, especially when they are young. School can be very tiring,Read More

How To Choose a Good School

Whether you are choosing a primary or secondary school, making sure that you choose the right school is extremely important. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when choosing. You will be limited in your choice by where you live. In secondary school you have to live within the catchment area of the school unless it is a grammar, catholic or private school. Therefore you may not get that much of a choice. However, in primary school you canRead More