Changing Schools

If your child has to change schools, perhaps because you have moved house or have decided you want them to go tow hat you consider is a better school, then it can have an effect on that child. Some children will mix in to the new school easily and make friends quickly, but others will find the change more difficult.

It is important to help the child to fit in to the new school as quickly as possible. Give them as much information about the school as you can and make sure that they have the correct uniform as soon as you can. Encourage them to have friends round to the house so that they can get to know children outside of school as well as when they are there.

It is important to be there for your children when they are changing schools. Make sure that you are understanding if they have any concerns. If they need to do things to fit in like cut their hair or have a particular bag, then it could be important to let them do this. The sooner they settle in,the happier they will be and so if it takes a bit of spoiling on your behalf, then it could be the best thing for them.

If your child finds it hard to make friends, then it might be useful to help them as much as possible, Buy them books on how to make friends and also get involved if you can. If they are at primary school, you can get to know some parents and suggest they play outside of school and things like that, to help them to get to know the other children better. It might be good to join the PTA or become a governor so you are more involved with the school as knowing the parents can really help you to also get to know the children which can help your child.

Changing school can be very disruptive and so it can be a good idea to avoid doing it at important time in the school year, such as when the child is about to do exams.


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