Dealing With Bullying

Many schools have good bullying campaigns now. Everyone is aware of the fact that bullying is not nice and no child should have to put up with it. However, it does still go on and so it is important to make sure that your child can deal with it.

The victims of bullying tend to have low self esteem. Because they do not think much of themselves, when someone picks on them, they feel even worse. If they could just laugh it off, they would not be fun to pick on and they would not be bullied very much. It does tend be a bit of a vicious circle because bullying lowers self esteem and so it can get worse and worse.

Spotting bullying can be difficult sometimes for parents because some children will not talk about it. However, you may notice that their behaviour has changed and if you have a reason to think they may be being bullied then it is important to be there when they want to talk to you about it. It can be difficult to broach the subject but if you mention you have noticed a change in their behaviour and were wondering if something was a problem, then this should be enough for them to know you are ready to listen when they are. If you have always been there for them when they need help, then this should help them feel able to come to you if they need to.

A good way to fight off bullies is in numbers. Being with someone else can really help you to feel stronger and not be so effected by what the bullies are saying or doing. If there are others in the childÂ’s class being effected then it can be worth suggesting that they get together so they can form a group against those who are bullying them and they can feel safer. It can be something that might be useful to your child.

Building the self esteem can really help and giving them books to help could be good. There are also websites about bullying out there, which you could look at as well as the children.


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