Do Employers Really Value Online Education

It’s a classic situation: you’re all excited about online education, and you really do think that you can change your life with it. However, you worry that your employer isn’t going to accept your online degree or worse — treat it as something lower than what everyone else has. In a very tricky economy, you have to go with career first. This answer isn’t something that everyone wants to accept but really, what choice do we all have? It’s either accept the terms or end up going without the type of career that really lets us not just pay our bills but do something good in the world as well. So your employers opinion of online education is important.

The truth is that most employers realize that an online degree form an accredited institution does mean something. There was a point early on where employers scoffed at the idea of an online only degree. Those times are over, thankfully. Employers realize that it’s better to accept degrees from any accredited instruction than to punish workers for being innovative. It takes creativity to keep up with an online program, since everything moves so quickly.

Online programs are usually shorter so professors have to work within a very tight time frame in order to deliver information. You have to keep up with not just your online class, but also the busy world around you. This is not something that’s necessarily easy for everyone. You’re doing everything right, but you still have to deal with the heavy burden on your shoulders. It’s all about delivering as much value for everyone involved as you possibly can. Why not make sure that you can go the distance with your career?

Online Education

If you’re really worried about how you’re going to look, why not sit down with your boss as soon as you get a chance? They’re going to be the best source of information for the way your company is set up. If you know anyone else that has an online degree, you might be able to pull them aside. While some industries are much more tight lipped than others, you’ll find that plenty of people have no problem sharing this type of information. They aren’t going to have to compete with you directly, so they’re much more inclined to share. The ones that are in direct competition with you, however, might not want to tell you what you need to know. It’s really a hit or miss type of thing.

Please be aware that it’s also how you present the information to your employer. If you’re proud of finishing your training, it’ll show in everything that you do. If you’re nervous about where you studied, that’ll show as well. So the key here is going to be confidence. You have to believe strongly in the program that you’ve chosen to complete. That’s just the way it has to be — no other way around it, really.

It’s going to be up to you to take steps to finish your online program if you haven’t done so. Why not check out some good coursework today? You have so much to gain that it would be silly not to at least think about it, right? Good luck!


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