How To Choose a Good School

Whether you are choosing a primary or secondary school, making sure that you choose the right school is extremely important. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when choosing.

You will be limited in your choice by where you live. In secondary school you have to live within the catchment area of the school unless it is a grammar, catholic or private school. Therefore you may not get that much of a choice. However, in primary school you can choose whichever school you wish and as long as they have places, you will get in.

If you do have several school to choose form, then it is very important that you make the right choice. You want to make sure that the school will suit your child. This means that you do not necessarily want to choose the one your friends children go to or the one which gets the best results. You need to make sure that it will provide the right environment to nurture your child. You child may have special needs, particular interests or specific subjects that they excel at and you want to find a school that will be able to allow them to enjoy those things.

To find out what the school is like, it is best to visit it. Make an appointment and then go along with your child to the school and ask lots of questions. You will be shown around and it will give you a good idea of what it will be like for them. Look around all of the schools that you are choosing between as this is probably the best way to know whether it is the place for you and your child. You can look at their website, Oftsed report, SATs results and prospectus, but it is seeing the school, speaking to the staff and getting a feel of the atmosphere of the place which will give you the best idea of what it will be like. Trust your instincts and also ask your child what they think as it will be them that will be going there.


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