Pay less for college

College classes are not cheap, that much is for sure. And if you are a parent that is considering sending your children to college soon, you have undoubtedly realized that college is an expensive venture to say the least. Smart? Yes. Cheap? Not exactly.

So, here are some ways in which you might be able to save some money on your extended education.

College classes

First, lets just be honest with ourselves… you might wish you could send your child to Harvard or to some other expensive private school, but can you really afford it? There are plenty of colleges out there that are charging a lot less for a great education that will serve your child well. One good way to save money is by starting your student out in a community college, having them get everything they can get there, and then transferring the credits to another school. This way, you get perfectly good credits at a community college price.

Another thing to consider is a scholarship, or better yet, several of them. Your child does not have to be a genius to get a scholarship, and odds are good that your child is eligible for at least part of their college tuition to be paid for.

Also, your student might want to consider going for two years instead of four. Why? Well, there are a lot of good, high paying jobs available for Associate degree holders, and this is half the price of a four year degree. So, it does make sense.

Your child could also take AP courses in high school. This way, they can enter college as a sophomore instead of as a freshman. This in itself can save your child 25% of the cost of a four year degree by eliminating an entire year!


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