Preparing For Exams

Examinations are part of school life and children will have to do them every year until they leave school. Some children do very well and others find them difficult. However, they are something that will need to be mastered if good qualifications are wanted.

It is important to start learning about revision techniques from the first test that you have. Think about different ways of learning the information and which seems to work the best. There are books that you can buy about revision techniques and it might be a good idea to get one of them. Some people just keep rereading the material, others find it useful to make notes on it or write it out. Some people like to answer questions and others read things out loud.

It can be difficult knowing exactly what will work for you, especially if you have not revised for an exam before. Your technique may change depending on the subject as well. For example with history you have to remember dates and facts, for English you will need to know how to structure essays and for Maths you will need to know the techniques needed to solve the problems. This means that you will need to remember a selection for different information and this may need a different technique for each one.

A good thing to do is to try a method of remembering information and then test yourself to see how much of it you have remembered Then learn something else using a different technique and test yourself on that. Try a selection of techniques and see which one worked the best for you. It may be worth doing several trials in order to get a conclusive result.

Many people think that just learning the information is enough to prepare for an exam, but you need to now how to answer the questions as well. You may need to write an essay, which will need to be structured correctly and so you will need to learn about that as well as the information that you will need to include in it.


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