Preparing Your Child For School

Whatever you felt about school when you went, the best thing for your child is to be positive about it. Tell them the things you liked about school and explain to them what it will be like. It is a good idea to borrow books form the library about starting school and talk it over with them. The more you talk about it, the better it will be for them because they will know a lot about what to expect.

Things that will help them to feel better about school include explaining to them what they will have to wear and the sorts of things that they will have to do. If there is the opportunity for them to go to the school and have some introductory sessions, then make sure that they go to as many as possible. This will help them to get used to the setting and the teacher as well as the other children. If they have been to nursery with some of the children that they will be going to school with, then make sure they know. This should help them to feel better, that they will know children in their class.

When you are buying their uniform, lunch bag, book bag or anything else that you need them to have for school, make sure that it is a really fun trip. Talk about how good it will be when they go to school and how exciting it will be and how good they will look and feel with their new things.

The most important thing is to make sure that they know they are going to like it. Make sure you tell them that it will be fun and they will enjoy it and then they will have no concerns when they go. They will know that you are confident they will enjoy it and that will make them believe that they will have fun. It is likely they will enjoy school too as the younger classes learn in a fun way and children hardly realise that they are actually doing lessons.


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