School Uniform

Uniform is something that many schools have. Most secondary schools have a uniform and they can insist that pupils wear it. Secondary schools cannot insist that children wear a uniform although many of them do have one and ask that it be worn.

The school uniform is a way of helping the child to fit in an feel part of the group. It has also been found that it helps the discipline in the school if there is a uniform. There is also less competition between children with regards to what they are wearing.

There are often slight variations allowed in uniform, especially in primary school. This means that the child can show their own personality through what they are wearing without going against what the school wants. This could mean that they wear a choice of colour of tights or socks, different styles of shoes or boots or different coats. Some schools are a lot stricter than others so it is worth checking what is acceptable. It is also worth thinking of your child and how others may perceive them depending on what they are wearing.

The child may want to have a trendy haircut or pair of shoes because eit is the only way that they can make a statement. It is important for parents to allow them to be able to do this as it could make a big difference to their self confidence. If they feel good about how they look, then they are likely to make friends better and do better in school overall. How well you get on with others can have a significant bearing on academic achievement and what you wear can influence that. No one is going to want to friends with someone who is not trendy. It may be sad, but it is true and so it is important to fit in. Uniform is supposed to stop competition in clothing, but there will always be something that children compete in, even if every part of the uniform is the same, there will still be different ways of wearing it or different hairstyles and accessories to use as a way of making a statement.


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